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Best Boiler

best boiler

What is the best boiler?

This is the most common question asked by customers when we are quoting for a new combi boiler. Unfortunately, there isn’t a straight forward answer to choosing the best boiler.

Many installers have there ‘preferred’ choice. usually based upon what they are used to installing. There best boiler choice will be based on the following factors.

  • build quality
  • reliability
  • ease to install
  • size
  • manufacturer support
  • Warranty
  • loyalty Schemesthree white boilers from three different brands, ideal, worchester, and vaillant

with lots of different factors effecting there choice they may push for one boiler over another when quoting. At Your Boiler Experts we tend to base our recommendations on personal experience. and we find that although we have our preferred choices, all of the leading brands of combi boilers are of a great quality with very little between them.

so when choosing a new boiler take into consideration the following.


All manufacturers offer different lengths of  parts and labour warranty, from the standard 2 years all the way up to 10 years. all guarentees are dependant on the boiler been installed to manufacturers instructions, all paperwork filled correctly and the combi boiler serviced every year.


when you choose your best boiler you need to choose the best gas safe company to install it. its no good spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds on a new boiler and installing it on an old dirty system. make sure to ask your installer about filters, powerflushing and controls. so that you get the best out of your new boiler.

We find Most of the boilers that have the reoccurring problems have been installed incorrectly


Like anything boilers range in price. and a general rule is you tend to get what you pay for. so spending that little bit extra on a decent boiler and powerflushing will pay in the long run.

best boiler reviews

we hope you found this blog informative. and over the next few weeks and months we will be releasing independent reviews of the top makes of boilers. explaining the pros and cons of each brand



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