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Bring Your Own Boiler?

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A question we get asked time and time again

“If I supply the boiler how much will you charge to fit it?”

Unfortunately this isn’t something we do. we have been stung by this too many times before.

the customer has bought the boiler and it either been:

  • Faulty
  • no flue
  • not condensing
  • second hand
  • no filter
  • parts missing
  • and so on…………

and once the boiler has been fitted and any of the above happen its always awkward with the customer to who’s fault it is.

with Your Boiler Experts providing the boiler we guarantee that it will be complete and working and any issues will be solved by us.

I always use the restaurant analogy when describing this to customers

  1. you wouldn’t turn up at a restaurant with your own ingredients and ask them to cook them for you.
  2. if you did and they did cook them for you and the food wasn’t nice you could raise complaint with the management and say the chef did a poor job, whilst the chef would say the ingredients supplied were poor quality. where would the blame lie?

the best thing to do is allow us to provide all materials for the work so we know and you know once the jobs finished it will be done to a high standard and everything is working


Your Boiler Expert

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