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Ideal Logic F2 Fault – Things to check

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We regularly get calls for Ideal Logic Boilers showing the F2 fault.

although a lot of fixes for this problem have to be carried out by a competent gas safe registered engineer there are a few things you can check yourself, but first….

What does the F2 fault mean?

F2 (sometimes shown as FN or LN) means the boiler has lost its flame so the boiler was working fine firing away and all of a sudden the flame has cutout

this can be for a number of reasons.

  1. The boiler has lost its gas supply. check that the gas is still on at other gas appliances. if your own a token/prepayment meter make sure you have credit and its turned on
  2. Flue fault –  has the flue been blocked or has there been any damage to the flue.
  3. Condensate pipe blockage – check where the white condensate pipe from the boiler runs from the boiler if it runs outside check the pipe is free from obstruction or if cold weather check the pipe is not frozen
    1. also very common is in new build properties this pipe runs from the boiler in the kitchen into the wall and then it tee’s into the sink waste. it’s common for silt and food to get trapped where the condensate pipe connects in and block it. see image below

If you have any questions or require us to come and take a look at
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