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The Difference between a Boiler service and a Gas Safety Check

boiler service

A question that pops up all the time is whats the difference between a boiler service and a gas safety check.

Gas Safety Check

A gas safety check is the minimum requirement required on gas appliances every 12 month. so an engineer will check general gas safety on an appliance make sure its burning right. there are no signs of any damage and that the appliance is safe to run for another 12 months. A bit like an MOT on a car.

Boiler Service

A boiler service is a more in depth check of the gas appliance. Not only are all the same checks done that are in the gas safety check. Extra time and care is taken to strip the appliance down. Seals will be changed and burners cleaned etc. To use the car analogy again its like a full service on a car.

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although a gas safety check is the minimum requirement in the uk on gas appliances here at your boiler experts we would always recommend a service every 12 months. this will ensure your boiler will be running at its best when needed the most

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