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The Importance of choosing the right company for your boiler repair.

On Friday evening i received a phone call from a customer in Rothwell near where I live.

The customer said he had someone else out in the week to look at his boiler as it wasn’t working.
The other company had replaced a couple of parts which didn’t work and had told the customer that rather than carry on replacing costly parts that might not work it may be a good idea to replace the boiler (at a cost of over £2000)

We decided i should go look the following day (Saturday) and give the customer a second opinion, and if needed a quote for a new boiler.

So Saturday morning I arrived at the property, stripped down and looked at the boiler. Immediately i knew what was the problem. Having worked on this type of boiler a lot over the years i could tell straight away that the part required was a spark generator so i gave them a quote of a total price of £100 to fix the problem.

When talking to the customer i asked what the previous engineer had done?

He had replaced the Master Printed Circuit board and the spark electrode.
Now I’m not sure what this cost the customer as i didn’t like to ask but I’m guessing at over the £300 mark.

The boilers fit on this in-particular estate are known for been poor, so this boiler will probably need replacing in a couple of years time. But after a discussion with the customer we felt that it was worth it for £100 to repair which could last a few more years before having to bite the bullet.


when calling a company to repair your boiler make sure they have experience in repairing boilers and ask them if they are familiar with the make and model you have.

you never know it might save you an unexpected £couple of grand bill on a new boiler! and give you time to think about your options

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