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Facebook Recommendations
So if you are reading this you’ve we’ve been recommended to you via Facebook or another social media platform. Its hard to get all the info we [...]
looking after your boiler
Looking after your new boiler
Look after your boiler and your boiler will look after you! Whether you’ve had your boiler a while or just installed a new one you want it to do [...]
leaking boiler
Leaking boiler
Don’t ignore your leaking boiler! A leaking boiler is rare, but it happens, and when it does you need to call in your boiler expert as it’s [...]
different type of boiler
The Different Types of Boiler
Given that boilers are slightly mystical to most people anyway, it’s not surprising that many are baffled by the different types of boiler [...]
benchmark book
What is Boiler Benchmark
What is boiler benchmark? So The little blue book you got with your new boiler (or sometimes its printed in the back of the manufacturers [...]