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Noisy Central Heating

noisy central heating

Noisy Central Heating ……..If this sounds familiar please read on!

Is your central heating/pipes making banging, tapping, humming or any unusual noises. Here at Your Boiler Experts we know how annoying this can be but these noises could also point towards bigger issues within your central heating system.  The different noises that your system makes can can identify certain issues, we have listed below some of the most common causes of noisy central heating and what these could mean:

Gurgling Radiators

Gurgling radiators can be sign of built up air in the radiators. You may also notice that all of the radiator isn’t getting warm or in some cases the whole radiator staying cold.  This can be easily fixed by bleeding the radiators this is something that you should be able to do yourself with a radiator key.

Tapping Pipes or Radiators

Tapping in your radiators could be an issue with your thermostatic radiator valve being incorrectly fitted, especially if you have recently had the radiator moved or installed.  This issue cant be fixed by yourself. If your radiator is tapping please contact us, and one of our engineers will be able to come and investigate the issue and advise you how this can be fixed.

If the issue isn’t your thermostatic radiator valve the tapping could be a build up of limescale in the system.  This is often the issue if you are in an areas with hard water as the mineral deposits can cling to the pipes.  This can be easily treated with a de-scaler or non acidic cleaner. But if the limescale is too severe we can carry out a power flush on your system.

Knocking and banging in pipes

Banging, knocking or clanging noises in your pipes could indicate that these might not be fitted correctly. This is caused when the water flows through your noisy central heating system which causes your pipes to expand and contract.  The noise is caused if the pipes are too close to the floorboards or are not positioned correctly.  If you are experiencing any of the above noises, we will be able to establish if the pipes have been fit correctly and discuss how this can be rectified.

Humming Boiler

A humming boiler could indicate that there is something wrong with the heating elements. It could be caused by something as simple as the pressure within the boiler or the thermostat set at the wrong time. 

If your boiler is humming check that your thermostat is working correctly. If this is working it could be the pump or the pressure.  If your thermostat is working correctly call an engineer and book an appointment

(remember it is illegal for anybody who isn’t gas safe registered to carry out repairs to your boiler).

If you need any further assistance, or want to book an appointment for a Gas Safe Engineer to take a look at any issue with your central heating system. please call us on 0113 8500510


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