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Boiler Breakdowns – 5 tops tips to prevent them

boiler breakdowns

boiler breakdowns

Boiler Breakdowns

Now we are approaching the really cold weather, over christmas and into the winter months we are attending alot of boiler breakdowns.

Although no one can guarantee that you wont have problems this year we  have put together 5 top tips to prevent boiler breakdowns this year.

Get your central heating Power-flushed

Not something you can do yourself, we find that a lot of boiler breakdowns are caused  by poor water quality in your central heating system.

For a Power-flush a pumping unit is attached to your heating system and chemicals are flushed around all the radiators cleaning all dirt from inside your radiators and boiler. This dirty water is been constantly removed and replaced with fresh clean water. Once the system water is crystal clear the correct amount of  central heating inhibitor is added to protect your system for years to come.

An addition to a central heating power-flush you can add a magnetic filter to the system that is cleaned out on every annual service. We recommend the magnaclean system filter.

I shall be writing a blog in the coming weeks reviewing the filters i have had experience with and telling you what we think of each brand.

Get your boiler serviced annually

Time and time again when attending boiler breakdowns the customer says they cant remember the last time there boiler was serviced. Although getting your boiler serviced is an inconvenience and you’ll probably have better things to spend your hard earned money on. Compared to a boiler repair a service is relatively cheap and problems can be spotted early and solved before causing you major expense further down the line.

also if you have got a new boiler installed its a must you get you boiler checked to keep up with the warranty.

Run your heating in the summer.

Yes we know the last thing you want to do in the blistering summer heat is turn on you central heating, however running the central heating for a short while a 2 or 3 times over the summer months whilst its not been used keeps really helps! Its keeps all the parts moving and ensures that when you come to turn your heating on in that first cold snap, its works as it should.

Bleed/Vent your radiators

If your radiators are hot at the bottom and cold at the top there could be trapped air in them. This can cause your boiler to overwork and not be as efficient as it should be.

Using a radiator key release the air from that radiator via the bleed nipple at the top corner of your radiator until its full of water then close it again.

You may need to top up the pressure in our boiler after doing this to make sure that there is enough water in the system. this can be done with a filling loop or key.

Prevent frozen pipes

With cold weather comes the cold frost and ice. A frozen burst pipe can be devastating for not just your heating system but for your property too. If your away for the winter months or leaving for a few days. set your timer so your heating system comes on for an hour or so a day to keep your home warm and stop your pipes freezing up. for extra protection you could insulate your pipes with lagging which can be bought from any DIY store.

We are here to help

If you would like any help with the above problems or anything else. call us on 0113 8500510 or email [email protected]

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