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10 ways to keep your property warm this winter!

10 ways to keep your property warm this winter!

Keep your property warm this winter, you can save lots of money and stress. Be prepared for the cold weather. Here are 10 ways to ensure your property is kept warm whether you are a landlord, tenant or home owner.

Read the following to get tips on how to keep your property warm this winter…

Insulate your pipes

  • It is a good idea to insulate the pipes throughout your property. Putting insulation around any of the pipes in your house is easy if your pipes are accessible. This will ensure that hot water stays hot for longer, saving you money in the long run.

Insulate your hot water tank

  • Similar to insulating your pipes, popping a jacket on your water tank will save you money and energy. To cut heat loss by 75% ensure that the jacket is no less than 75mm (these cost around £15), it would take you less than 6 months to earn your money back!

Double glazing

  • Most properties loose heat through their windows, however double glazing can keep your home warmer and quieter. Double glazing is basically two sheets of glass with a gap in between, which keeps the heat in.


  • Older boilers can not only be unreliable, but they are less energy efficient too. If you have a boiler older than 15 years or an old fashioned model then you should think about getting a new one installed.

Cover it up

  • A cheaper way could be something as simple as a nice cosy carpet or a rug in the rooms that have wooden floor. However this will not make a massive difference with saving money it is still a cheap and easy way to get your property warm this winter.

Heavy curtains

  • Another cheap way to keep your home warm and save money at the same time is heavy curtains. Look for curtains with thermal linings or you can line curtains yourself with some cheap fabric. If you use heavy curtains in every room this will prevent your home from losing heat. Draw your curtains at dusk to keep it nice and cosy and warm when the cold nights set in.

Draught excluders

  • One of the cheapest and most effective ways to save energy and money are draught excluders. By draught proofing your home and blocking any unwanted gaps around your doors or windows you will ensure you keep the warm air in and cold air out!


  • It is a good idea to ensure your home has a thermostat. This allows you to set on and off periods for your heating and also set at different temperatures. This means your home will be heated up when you feel it needs to be and to the correct temperature.


  • Another thing to consider is ensuring your roof and loft are insulated, after all heat rises and the majority of heat will be lost this way. You could also considers insulating your floors.

Doors open  

  • Although the majority of people think that internal doors should be kept shut to ensure warm air is not lost. This is however wrong and all internal doors should be kept open if you want to save money. If your doors are kept closed then the air flow process becomes slower, resulting in more energy been used. You may want to keep your doors shut to trap the warm air in however you are better off allowing warm air to flow through your home and use less energy.


Start making plans for the colder months now and keep your property warm this winter!

Invest in these changes and save money in the long run!


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