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Do We Charge Call-Out?

no call out fee

Another customer question we get asked a lot is “Do you charge a call-out?”

and the answer isn’t always as straight forward as you’d think ……


Firstly, what is a call out fee?

In my opinion a call out fee is when a company or individual charges you to come to the job initially (for the time taken to get there) and then charges extra for time on site

for example 

an electrician could charge you a £100 call out fee then £50 an hour for time on site. so you’d be paying £150 no matter what.


I’m wanting a quote for a new boiler do i pay a call out fee?


for boiler quotes and quotes for other large works we would never charge you, these are free and no obligation so you can call us out to provide a quote for free or click here too book a boiler quote

So does that mean i can get a quote for my boiler or plumbing fixing?

Again No, to find out what is wrong with your boiler or plumbing this takes time and tools and experience, we have to charge for our time and experience in this case. see boiler repair call outs below 


Boiler servicing and planned work

For some jobs we will provide you with an upfront price for example a boiler service price will be given to you before we book the job in. this type of work we know how long it will take an how much work is involved so we can give you a fixed price for that service. 

To Book Fixed Price Boiler Service Click Here

Work that can be priced hourly

Some of the jobs we do just wouldn’t be cost effective to come out and price provide a quote and then do the job as the customer would be paying for all that time.

So in this case we would provide you with an hourly rate plus materials cost

for example you call up with a job to replace a standard radiator with a designer radiator you have bought.

we would give you an hourly rate plus materials for this job.

To Book this type of work click here

Boiler Repair Call outs

so this is where the confusion with call outs is

at Your Boiler Experts we do not charge a call out fee.

however we do charge for our time on site to figure out what is wrong with your boiler this is called diagnostic fee.


So say we arrive at your property to look at your boiler, find out whats wrong with it and fix it there and then in the first hour (or any part of).

You would only be charged the diagnostic fee plus parts.

However sometimes your boiler may need a part, in this case we would still charge you the diagnostic fee but then would provide you with a quote to return to fit that part on the boiler. 

this covers our time for working on the boiler to find out what is wrong with it. and if you decide to use us to fix it (which i hope you would) we can then organise the return visit with the part for the quoted price

this is how we we work on all our boiler repairs

To Book Boiler Repair click here

or call 0113 8500510

unfortunately we’ve had customers in the past that have called us out to tell them what is wrong with their boiler. Then they have rung around other companies to find the cheapest quote for them to source that part and replace it, after we’ve used our time and experience onsite to diagnose the fault.

this is why we brought in the diagnostic fee. we cant be driving round doing jobs for free. this just doesnt make sense

As you can see from above there is no straight answer to the question “Do you charge a call-out fee” and ive done my best to answer it in the clearest way I can.

We are a honest company and will always be open and honest with our pricing and if you ever have any questions on what we charge or are unsure in anyway just give us a call

0113 8500510






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