Self Isolating and got a problem with your boiler? or worried about having someone in your home?
Whats worse than been stuck at home self isolating? Not much eh? Well having no heating or [...]
water leak
What to do when youve got a Leak
A  Leak in the home is a really worry heres what to do if you find a leak on a mains water [...]
How much should a Boiler Service Cost??
The Phone call i get the most is… “How much is a boiler service? I’m [...]
Facebook Recommendations – What You Must Know!
“Can anyone recommend anyone that can …….” is a common post on [...]
Boiler Repair Leeds
Think You Need A New Boiler? What to do Next.
First things first! Who’s told you, you need a new boiler? There are a lot of [...]
Boiler , Plumbing or Heating Problem? What Do we charge…. and how to book?
boiler service
The Difference between a Boiler service and a Gas Safety Check
A question that pops up all the time is whats the difference between a boiler service and [...]
Boiler Servicing
Servicing – What is it, and how much does it cost?
A job we carry out pretty much day in day out is boiler servicing. But what is boiler [...]
boiler breakdowns
Ideal Logic F2 Fault – Things to check
We regularly get calls for Ideal Logic Boilers showing the F2 fault. although a lot of [...]
5 star boilers
Bring Your Own Boiler?
A question we get asked time and time again “If I supply the boiler how much will [...]
Facebook Recommendations
So if you are reading this you’ve we’ve been recommended to you via Facebook or another [...]
looking after your boiler
Looking after your new boiler
Look after your boiler and your boiler will look after you! Whether you’ve had your boiler [...]
leaking boiler
Leaking boiler
Don’t ignore your leaking boiler! A leaking boiler is rare, but it happens, and when it [...]
radiator cold spots
Radiator Cold Spots, What are they?
Radiator Cold Spots We install radiators to keep our homes warm; but when they develop [...]
New Boiler
What you need to know when getting a new boiler installed
GGetting a new boiler fitted can be a fairly traumatic – and expensive – time, [...]
Boiler Repair Leeds
New Boiler? – What you need to know
Investing in a new boiler – size matters! We’re talking new boilers here, but what really [...]
different type of boiler
The Different Types of Boiler
Given that boilers are slightly mystical to most people anyway, it’s not surprising that [...]
How to Fix/Prevent a frozen condensate pipe
So when the weather is extreme in the uk Snow and Ice can cause a problem with your [...]
Central Heating Powerflush Wakefield
What to Expect From Us if your a Lettings agent or a landlord
Working With us Who we are….. Based in Leeds, YBE have been operating for 10 years working [...]
benchmark book
What is Boiler Benchmark
What is boiler benchmark? So The little blue book you got with your new boiler (or [...]
boiler service
5 Reasons You Should Get Your Boiler Serviced Every Year
Why should I service my boiler? How often should I service my boiler? Do I need to even [...]
The Importance of choosing the right company for your boiler repair.
On Friday evening i received a phone call from a customer in Rothwell near where I live. [...]
What is a Combi Boiler?
Combination Boiler What is a combi boiler? Combination boilers (Combi Boiler) are [...]
hmo plumbing tips
The Top 3 HMO Plumbing tips you need to know!
HMO Plumbing Tips So you’ve just bought a investment property, and your planning on [...]
7 quick energy saving tips for christmas
Energy Saving Tips So Christmas is nearly upon us! During this time with the house full of [...]
cost savings
New Gas Boiler – The costs, the benefits and the savings!
New Gas Boiler – The costs, the benefits and the savings! Get a new gas boiler today! [...]
10 ways to keep your property warm this winter!
10 ways to keep your property warm this winter! Keep your property warm this winter, you [...]
IOS 10 & Homekit, What is it?
Homekit So the new eagerly anticipated apple update was released yesterday. along with a [...]
Ravenheat Boiler Review
Ravenheat Boiler Review Buy Cheap Buy Twice, ……. Right? Wrong!! Ravenheat have [...]
Boiler Service leeds
Get Your Boiler A Service New year, New me!…….. you hear this a lot at this [...]
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Your Boiler Experts
Merry Christmas to all our past present and future customers of Hirst Gas. This year has [...]
boiler breakdowns
Boiler Breakdowns – 5 tops tips to prevent them
Boiler Breakdowns Now we are approaching the really cold weather, over christmas and into [...]
ideal boiler review
ideal boiler review
Review of ideal boilers by Your Boiler Experts ideal boiler review Here at Hirst gas [...]
noisy central heating
Noisy Central Heating
Noisy Central Heating ……..If this sounds familiar please read on! Is your central [...]
best boiler
Best Boiler
What is the best boiler? This is the most common question asked by customers when we are [...]