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Facebook Recommendations – What You Must Know!

“Can anyone recommend anyone that can …….”

is a common post on Facebook and other social media sites these days.

If you are looking for a Roofer, Joiner, Plumber, Kitchen fitter, Electrician or even someone to groom your dog there are 100’s people who will tell you the person they know is “100% the person for this job” or ” brilliant ” and so on……

Although the majority of these recommendations are good recommendations!!, there are also bad ones.

Recommendations can be from personal friends trying to help a friend/family member get some extra work, and while this is a good thing (that i also benefit from) the company has to back up the recommendation with its 5 star service ***** !

We are in the majority of these local facebook groups it helps us find work for our company, and competition is tough!!!!

There are so many legitimate companies getting recommended for jobs which is great!!!

Buying local is always the way to go!

But time and time again I am seeing people/companies been recommended and doing work that are not qualified / insured for.

Handymen fitting kitchens, electricians with no qualifications, Man in a van rubbish removal with no waste carriers licence,

I Even lost a radiator replacement job to someone who was a van driver last week who was going to “nip in” on his way home from work!


The list goes on and on.

Running a legitimate business costs £1000’s a year in qualifications and insurances. For work to be taken away from us is a massive kick in the nuts!

Its not only annoying for us to lose out on work to someone doing it for pennies this it also can be unsafe for you!


  • Imagine you get a kitchen tap changed by a handyman who hasn’t got the correct insurances and it ends up flooding your home or damaging your kitchen? where do you stand? who pays for the work to be rectified?
  • A person who does a bit of tiling has helped fit a few kitchens in their time, and because he’s had lots of facebook friends recommend him to you. You are going to let him loose on your brand new £5000 kitchen. Only for it to be fit wrong and needs ripping out and starting again
  • A local “man with a van” quotes you £30 to empty you shed and take away rubbish. Only for it to be found on a local country lane and theres documents with your address on. You get fined from the council and you have to go pick all the rubbish up!
  • Random person on facebook says they can valet your car. They end up scratching it and causing £100’s in damage

you have got to be careful !!


So Please when choosing a facebook recommendation:

  • Check the business is actually carrying out the work your asking for, check their website, facebook pages and even google the company name
  • Check Qualifications such as  Gas Safe, NECEIC and so on. make sure the person recommended is qualified and able to do the work you need
  • Check Public liability insurance/ employers liability. all companies should have this no matter what industry they are in and will be able to produce an up to date policy if asked
  • Check Reviews on Google, facebook and other reliable review sites where you can hear from past customers on the service received.
  • Ask Yourself why is someone so cheap. if someone is doing the job for alot cheaper than compatitors its generally a sign that they are not paying insurances and overheads
  • Finally as the person if this is work they carry out regularly. you can generally get a jist is someone isn’t qualified or regularly doing similar work


Like I said at the start there are a lot of legitimate local businesses that will do a really good job for you!

Just PLEASE don’t get caught out by the ones that are not!

As ever if you need any help with your plumbing and heating work just get in touch

#BuyLocal #SupportLocal


Liam Hirst





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