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Facebook Recommendations

So, if you are reading this we have been recommended to you via Facebook or another social media platform.

It is difficult to get all the information we want to tell you into small facebook comments. So, we decided to create a short page explaining how we work, how to get in touch with us, and other useful info.

Chances are we are one of the many companies recommended on Facebook. Although we might not be the company you choose to work with in the end, please do your research when choosing someone, especially for gas work. 

Make Sure

That the company you choose is Gas safe registered. You can check this via the gas safe website. 

To check our gas safe certificate, our registration number is 234494.

Check reviews of the company across the internet.

Reviews are collected on a lot of platforms, the main ones being Google and Facebook. Other sites such as Trust Pilot and Free Index are also commonly used to collect reviews. 

Although there are a lot of good companies recommended on Facebook, there are also bad ones. Some people recommend themselves, despite knowing that they are not qualified to perform the work that you require. 

Not only is this illegal, it is also very dangerous. Please do your homework and do not base your choice solely on a Facebook recommendation.

If you would like to check out our reviews please click here.


and most of all, if you would like to book or enquire about our services, click here.


we look forward to hearing from you and hope that we can work together soon.

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