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How much should a Boiler Service Cost??

The Phone call i get the most is…

“How much is a boiler service? I’m just ringing round getting quotes”

Now i understand looking for a competitive quote is the thing to do these days

however looking for the cheapest price when it comes to boiler servicing is not the correct question to ask!

What you should ask is

Whats included in your boiler service?

depending on the company you choose depends on what they class as a service?

some companies do very basic checks. check the gasses from the boiler and charge £40 if not less. In our opinion a boiler service cannot be done properly at this price.

We do a full strip down service and replace any worn washers checking the boiler thoroughly for leaks and other signs of distress for roughly £80 – £100 depending on if any new seals or gaskets are needed


Why spend £1000’s on a new boiler and expect it to work efficiently when you need it to if you don’t look after it.

You wouldn’t drive your car 100,000 miles without getting it checked properly to make sure its safe to use would you?


If your looking for a boiler service that is done properly then click here to book!

or alternatively call 0113 8500510


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