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IOS 10 & Homekit, What is it?

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So the new eagerly anticipated apple update was released yesterday. along with a few new tweeks most of you will have noticed the new icon for “homekit” on your iphone. Well what is it? and how does it work? In this short blog we are going to explain what this new app can do for you and your heating system

So What is homekit?

Homekit is apples framework that controls all your home automation devices. From smart locks to central heating controls all your smart devices can be controlled from this app.

Your probably thinking, I’ve had smart heatingThe Smart Nest device allows users to control technology around their home controls for a couple of years now and the app works brilliantly why do i need another app??

Well imagine you have also bought a smart lock for your front door and some smart colour changing led bulbs for your bedroom. Instead of opening all the individual apps and turning on each one individually homekit can do all this for you with one click of a button or voice command.


So what can smart technology do?

imagine been at work and that parcel you’ve been waiting for has just arrived. but your not home. The postman presses your doorbell which triggers a notification to your phone. You can then speak to him/her via video link. open your front door with your phone so he can leave the parcel inside meanwhile you can check on him the whole time with a smart indoor camera.


God forbid your away on holiday sat by the pool and theres a fire starting at home. Smart smoke and CO detectors can automatically sense smoke. So your home shuts off your boiler for safety starts flashing the lights in your home to grab passing peoples attention and calls the fire brigade for you. hopefully limiting the damage befor the real damage is done


You wake up and say “good morning siri” to your iphone. your home springs into life. your blinds/curtains will open. your heating will come on to a preset temperature. your front door will unlock and the kettle will start to boil. now thats smart!


How can we help?

Here at Hirst Gas services we a Nest approved installers so we have the knowledge and resources to get Smart Nest technology connected to a smart watchyou set up with the leading smart heating brand which is owned by google

Not only that we have contacts in all aspects of other smart technologies. such as locksmiths for smart locks, electricians for smart lights and sockets and security engineers for smart cameras.


for more help and information call us on 0113 8500510 or email us [email protected]


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