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New Gas Boiler – The costs, the benefits and the savings!

cost savings

New Gas Boiler – The costs, the benefits and the savings!

Get a new gas boiler today! Upgrade your boiler for a new one and save money on energy bills. In fact you could save up to £310 per year!

G-rated models can achieve anywhere between 50-70% effectiveness, however A-rated boilers are 88% efficient, some even achieving over 90% efficiency. The greater the percentage the more money you can save each year on your energy bills.

Purchasing a new boiler can be very expensive and a big investment. However if all gas pipes are the correct size and the flue is able to stay in the same place you can get an all-inclusive price between the regions of £1800-£2300.cost savings

Some households may be eligible to get funding for a new boiler. Although if you so not meet the qualifying criteria then the purchase must be done by yourself.

It is recommended that you get a free quote from a gas safe registered installer.

The prices you are given will depend on the brand, type, fuel type and size, you need to provide your home with adequate heat and hot water. A typical price for a brand new gas boiler will be from £700-£2500.

How much will it cost to install a new boiler?

Installation prices will depend on the amount of work involved and the company you choose. However, if you’re new boiler is to be installed in the same place as your old one. An estimation of around £600. If you require your new boiler been installed in a different place within your home then you could be looking at a cost between £1500-£1800.

Your new central heating system will also require a flush (costs around £375) and also a filter system installing which traps and dirt, debris or sludge. These will have increase the life of your new boiler in the long run, so is worth the extra cost. You could also require TRV’s (thermostatic radiator valve).

The Benefits!

  • Cheaper bills
  • Make your home warmer and more comfortable
  • Your home will be more energy efficient
  • Attractive to buyers if you even consider selling your home
  • Bring down carbon dioxide emissions
  • Allows you to do your bit for the environment

Taking all the above in to consideration get quotes from Your Boiler Experts today and get your new gas boiler!

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