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Servicing – What is it, and how much does it cost?

Boiler Servicing

A job we carry out pretty much day in day out is boiler servicing.

But what is boiler service and what are you getting for your money.

At your boiler experts we receive a lot of calls from customers asking for a price for a boiler service, with them saying they are shopping around for the best price.

although shopping round for the best price is ok to do when looking for a certain product.

We would strongly disagree with this when looking for a boiler service

At the time of writing this article we estimate a boiler service will cost between £75 – £150 depending on the model of the boiler and what is involved in the service. cleaning of magnetic filters, new seals ect.

However we know from experience some local companies are charging as little as £40 !

You’ve got to ask yourself why something is that cheap!

Too good to be true? I’ll let you decide.

if you would like to know whats involved in a Your Boiler Experts service check out our blog here

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