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What is Boiler Benchmark

benchmark book

What is boiler benchmark?

So The little blue book you got with your new boiler (or sometimes its printed in the back of the manufacturers instructions) is filled out and you have it but whats it for.

Basically its a record of the readings the boiler when it was fitted. the installation company should fill it out with their details, your details and all the details from the boiler readings.

this gives any future engineer the chance to look at how the boiler was working when it was first fitted to compare it to

also in the benchmark book there is a section to note down services. every 12 months from installing your new boiler you should have it serviced (why? read our blog on why you need to get your boiler serviced here)

this proves to any future engineer the boiler has been looked after and depending on the boiler Warranty it proves the manufacturer that it has been serviced and the boiler warrrenty is valid.

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