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7 quick energy saving tips for christmas

Energy Saving Tips

So Christmas is nearly upon us! During this time with the house full of distance relatives and the heating on 24/7. We thought we would give you some quick energy erergy saving tipssaving tips on how to save those few extra pennies this festive season.

De-clutter your radiators

Move everything away from your radiators. Long Curtains that cover them or the clothes you are drying on them all decrease the efficiency. Move furniture away from the radiators so air can circulate and heat the room correctly

Wrap your home up in cotton wool!

Well not exactly cotton wool! But alot of heat is lost through the roof of your property. make sure your loft insulation is of the correct thickness and into every corner.

Tin foil isn’t just for the turkey!

Put tin foil down the back of the radiators this will reflect the heat into the room more efficiently this is especially useful on outside walls. purpose made reflective panels can be purchased from eBay.

Film glazing

Installing a plastic film to the inside of your windows is a quickest and easiest way to insulate your windows against the cold weather. A pack to do an average size house can cost as little as 10 pounds!

Fill those gaps

Draft excluders are a cheap way to insulate a room. Soft furnishings such as rugs, carpets and curtains all give that extra insulation.

Think Smart!

Install a smart internet thermostat to your home. These thermostats allow you to control your heating usage directly from your smart phone. Allowing you to choose precisely when you want it on or off. We install a number of smart thermostats that suit all sorts of budgets

Look after your boiler

Servicing your boiler is the quickest and cheapest way to try to insure that your boiler is going to make it through the Christmas period. Our standard boiler service is just £50. so don’t delay and book today


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